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Magda Pater website along with an interactive business card is a part of the visual identity I have created for the photographer. The cards have been produced in a limited quantity next to standard business cards. I have used a polaroid paper in order to make the photographer's details appear when the card is exposed to a light simulating process of photo development. VISIT

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The Lost Journal

A microsite design to promote iPad book
"The Lost Journal by Susie Cornfield" created by Conjure Digital. The web site has been design remaining the book house style and contains information about creators as well as a short video presenting the iPad book in action.
I have also created a series of visuals used at Apple Store. VISIT

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Case 1979 is a contemporary display typeface. Combination of curves and diagonal cuts gives the face a sharp, mechanical and futuristic style. The medium weigh typeface draws an inspiration from sci-fi movies. It has been downloaded over 4000 times since publishing in February 2011. DOWNLOAD

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The idea for the book jacket design was inspired by Arabic and Spanish calligraphy.
The hand rendered lettering appearing on the front cover was written using a calligraphy pen and then computer generated.
As the design was successful among the book fans I have also screen printed a limited series of t-shirts.

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I have been working with the band since 2008 when I was asked to design a series of concert posters. The band has become very popular and they decided to release their second CD/DVD album with a footage from their concerts which I present here. My work has been noticed at New Designers 2010 and selected to represent the best graduate work of 2010.

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Series of screenplay jackets designed for
D&AD New Blood 2009 competition is a successful approach to represent visually a plot of selected movies. Each book jacket contains a quote from a movie, a graphic representation of a typewriter with selected keys needed to be pressed to write the title and an icon defining each screenplay. The genre of movies is colour-coded.

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San Francisco, CA

The concept for West Thames College visual identity is a result of collaboration between a group of its students. Work presented here is my input to the project and includes: producing a vector version of the logo as well as the animated version of it, staff bulletin design, design and art direction of exhibition stand (anamorphic logo installation).

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Visual Identity for a digital entrepreneurs group called Mind Blocks reflects modern, technical but worm and friendly character of the company. Mind Blocks specialises in smart phone applications development. Next to contemporary website I have created, a interactive business card taking advantage of QR code technology allowing a recipient to ad a vCard contact to his/her mobile device.

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Open Space

Gaia Garden Centre is a local shop specialising in delivering seeds, plants and and tools for home gardening. I have created an appealing visual identity which reflects its environmental nature. Work presented here is a sample of the whole concept and shows several applications of the identity.

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